The day after Kyle Rittenhouse reminded the world that self-defense is a natural right dating back to the days of cave people, the Marxist rioters began gathering to blindly enforce propaganda’s call-to-arms against  ordinary lawful citizens and common sense.

The hordes were predictably backed up by numerous outposts and mobile units of Soros’ Open Society Foundation in order to simultaneously foment the ongoing agenda of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset Agenda narrative, hell bent on breaking the integrity of these United States.

Meanwhile, the defamation Circus just kept gorging from the trough of hypocrisy, determined to ignore the truth for just one more day before Rittenhouse inevitably presented them with the bill.

It appears brutal character assassination such as that of Covington student Nick Sandmann has developed into a pattern, revealing a truly racist Marxist media machine sliding off the rails that clearly belongs in a madhouse rather than on television sets across America.

source https://www.infowars.com/posts/leftist-marxism-returns-for-more-hypocrisy

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