One vaccine injection could carry many doses

Recently, Austria announced that it would be introducing a lockdown for the unvaccinated along with a country-wide Covid-19 vaccine mandate. However, whilst this became the first country in the world to introduce a mandate for all citizens, other countries have been forcing jabs on residents for a while longer.

For example, Indonesia issued a mandate in February, denying all unvaccinated citizens access to social assistance and government services. Additionally, those who refused to get vaccinated face harsh penalties for failing to comply.

In the small island nation of Micronesia, a country that has a population of just over 100,000 people, a similar vaccination requirement is in place. As of July, everyone over the age of 18 must prove that they received both doses of a covid vaccine in order to continue receiving federal funding. Most Micronesians, it turns out, rely on federal funding in order to live.

Another country that made vaccination compulsory in July is Turkmenistan. It also claimed to have zero cases of Covid-19 infection within its borders. The country also faces accusations of falsifying pandemic data to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Last November, Costa Rica became the first country in the world to force the Covid-19 jabs on children. Officials in the country announced that the vaccines will join the growing list of others that are already required for children to attend school.

Forbes reported: “Officials have not announced a lower age limit for the policy and doses for under 12s are expected to arrive in March next year. All shots are greenlit for use in younger children by regulators, mandates are likely to emerge on a local level.”

It seems that Robert Hart, a writer at Forbes, seems to fully endorse the vaccine mandates, as he explains in the “Key Background” section of his article that governments around the world are “turning up the heat on those still refusing to get vaccinated against Covid-19” as if this is a good thing.

“Abundant scientific evidence shows the shots are safe, effective and capable of driving down deaths and hospitalizations,” he claims without any evidence whatsoever to back it.

He further writes that governments are “targeting holdouts with strict measures to boost vaccination rates, including targeted lockdowns, restricting access to public spaces, no longer covering healthcare costs if they contract coronavirus and mandating the shot.”

What Hart is failing to mention is that these vaccine mandates and coercion techniques completely destroy any freedom of choice that citizens across the world have. It is medical fascism and complete tyranny.

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