Media assertions in the immediate aftermath of the massacre in Waukesha that the killer did not deliberately drive into his victims because he was being ‘pursued by police’ have been proven completely untrue.

Imagine my shock.

In the early hours after the horror unfolded, the corporate press settled on the narrative that culprit Darrell Edward Brooks Jr was ‘fleeing the scene of a crime’ after being involved in a ‘knife fight’.


This served to diminish Brooks’ responsibility for carrying out the massacre and eliminate any possibility that it was motivated by his now proven hatred for white people and support for Black Lives Matter.

How convenient, except that as predicted, it turned out to be false.

As the Associated Press later reported, based on statements by law enforcement, the killer “was not being chased by police at the time of the crash.”

This means that Brooks deliberately rammed into dozens of victims, having decided to take the parade route when he could have turned down a number of less busy roads instead.

That’s why he was subsequently hit with five charges of intentional homicide, with more charges possible.

“Police say the Waukesha killer was not running from cops when he plowed into the parade,” tweeted Matt Walsh. “Yet they’re sure it wasn’t a terror attack. So he intentionally ran down 50 people but we know within 12 hours that he had no political or racial motive? Bullshit.”

Eyewitnesses also stated that Brooks deliberately swerved into people when he could have avoided them.

The official narrative still makes zero sense. If Brooks wasn’t fleeing the scene of a crime, why did he deliberately drive into dozens of people?

Observers noted the different treatment the case has received compared the Kyle Rittenhouse legally defending himself from a violent mob.

The New York Times buried its reporting of the massacre of page 22, which would not have occurred had the driver been a white supremacist (Brooks was clearly a black supremacist).

Wikipedia is also involved in massaging the narrative.

Now watch the story completely disappear from the headlines, as what would be the culprit’s clear motive – anti-white hatred whipped up by media hysteria and biased coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial – vanishes into the ether.

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