On the eve of Thanksgiving, media outlets urged Americans to perform COVID tests and check the vaccination status of Thanksgiving dinner guests before allowing them into their homes.

Yes, really.

During a segment on CBS Mornings, psychologist Lisa Damour was asked how nervous Thanksgiving hosts should bring up the subject of vaccination status when welcoming friends and family.

“It might be a difficult conversation before people step into your house to say, ‘whoa, wait a minute, where’s your card, what’s your status?’ before you walk into my home,” the host of the show said.

“This is tough because people are all over the map on this,” responded Damour. “They’re also all over the map with their risk tolerance. But the rapid tests have made this a lot easier. Whatever people’s vaccination status is, we can actually confirm safety on the spot.”

“If the situation feels weird, maybe make it kind of fun,” she added. “And say, ‘we’re going to start with hors d’oeuvres in the garage. You know, we’ll have drinks, we’ll do our rapid tests, and then come on in,’ right?” You can make it playful, make it fun, and then be able to enjoy the holiday because you’re not worried about safety.”

Let’s just take a moment to sympathize with people who are attending Thanksgiving dinner today at a relative’s house who is so paranoid about a virus with a 99.9% survival rate, they want to perform medical tests on their own family members before letting them in.

Good luck to those people.

Meanwhile, Axios published an article suggesting that hosts should deploy “Thanksgiving bouncers” to deal with people who fail to comply.

“No one really wants this job, but millions of households may need their own Thanksgiving bouncer. The cover charge is a negative COVID test, done ahead of arrival or outside the front door,” the article states. “Normalizing rapid tests is a practical way to help extended families feel a little more normal around the holiday dinner table.”

The piece went on to encourage hosts to inform guests ahead of time that they will “be testing everyone at the door for their own safety.”

No thanks, think I’ll be staying home this year.

Virginia Tech engineering professor Dr. Linsey Marr also told the New York Times that parents should ensure their children are wearing masks and for them to “eat quickly” and separately from adults.

“As the kids will not be fully vaccinated until two weeks after their second shot, I think some care is warranted, especially because some attendees are 65 and older and thus at greater risk of more serious breakthrough infections,” said Marr. “You could have the kids wear masks, eat quickly and stay away from the older adults when eating.”

Meanwhile, leftists are also trying to divide families at Thanksgiving by performing their annual misery-fest of demanding conservatives be challenged on their political beliefs at the dinner table.

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