Members of the New Black Panther Party have gathered outside the Georgia courthouse where three white men are on trial in relation to the February 2020 deadly shooting of a 25-year-old black man named Ahmaud Arbery.

Black Panther spokesman Minister Mikhail Muhammad actually called for a group of “undercover hitmen to go after these goddamn killers,” referring to that violent threat as “self-defense.”

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with armed black Americans demonstrating, but publicly requesting that a group of people clandestinely murder others is not legal.

At one point, Muhammad pledged the group would give the men being charged “Hell from the cradle to the grave,” adding, “If you get a conviction, it ain’t gonna be no sleep, no rest for you… A life for a life, a tooth for a tooth and a limb for a limb.”

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“These bastards didn’t want no questions they wanted blood, so we want blood today, the McMichaels,” the New Black Panthers Minister said. “I’m not saying all white people are bad, but there’s way too many! There’s too many for me to feel comfortable. There’s too many for me to drive down the street and have to look over my shoulder and see 911 and wonder if he trying to pull me over.”

Next, Muhammad went into a strange tirade about an Asian woman who “got a free pass” after murdering a black woman, and claimed Asians and Arabs are “bloodsuckers of black people” who “set up shops in black communities to sell them filth.”

After making racist remarks about Asians and Arabs, Muhammad told reporters, “I want reparations like the Jews… The no-good Jews in Israel killing our Palestinian sisters and brothers.”

The alleged “minister” then called Jewish people “the children of Satan,” and claimed they “lied about Hitler.”

Adding to his racism and anti-semitism, Minister Muhammad told black men to “leave the white woman alone,” calling them an “enemy.”

“Ya’ll are in serious trouble because the wrath of karma is coming on America,” a man who identified himself as the supreme commander of the New Black Panther militia shouted in another video. “We’re not taking it no more.”

Dr. Malik Shabazz, Attorney-General of the New Black Panther Party, told the crowd that “Black People are not gonna take a ‘not guilty’ verdict here laying down.”

“And, a whole lot of people, just people, is not gonna accept a ‘not guilty’ verdict in this county as it came down in Milwaukee,” he added.

Footage of the group arriving shows Minister Muhammad dressed like a wannabe Morpheus from “The Matrix” films, sunglasses and all.

Members of BLM 757 and Lion of Judah Armed Forces also participated in the armed demonstration.

One militiaperson held a pole with a plastic pig hanging from it in what was clearly an anti-police act.

After gathering outside the courthouse, the black militia groups took place in a Second Amendment march.

Hat tip to Freedomnews.tv, which captured the majority of this footage.

source https://www.infowars.com/posts/ahmaud-arbery-trial-armed-black-militia-group-outside-courthouse-calls-for-squad-of-undercover-hitmen-to-mobilize

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