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Over in the United States, in Oregon, Governor Kate Brown is considering making the state’s indoor mask mandate permanent in order to keep Covid-19 and its endless “variants” from spreading.

A local news report, which we have included down below, explains that the plan now the Omicron variant has arrived is to potentially keep masks in place forever.

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Emmy-award winning KATU reporter, Genevieve Reaume, tweeted that indoor masking in Oregon is “likely here to STAY” based on what has developed in the state in recent days.

In the tweet, Reaume wrote: “Today, @OHAOregon (the Oregon Health Authority) worked with stakeholders (like those in the restaurant industry, business assoc., etc.) to discuss making the current indoor mask mandate permanent.

“Yes – that may sound alarming,” she added. “Here’s what you need to know about it: The current rule is temporary. It can’t be in place more than 180 days. Making the rule permanent allows the state to keep the rule. The rule can be repealed.”

The question is whether this will go ahead, but considering the current state of the world, it is likely that this mandate will be forced into fruition.

However, this is not the only mandate Oregon has faced, as the state has a vaccine mandate that is being pushed on all citizens. Some who have worked in the public sector, including firefighters and police officers, have actually sued the state over the mandate.

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