Contents from Hunter Biden’s “Laptop From Hell” reveal audio and text messages between the troubled son of Joe Biden and a top Walmart executive discussing “pulling the trigger to stop Trump” from winning the 2020 presidential election.

A file found in the iTunes folder of Hunter’s laptop reveals an audio transcript from 2018 between Hunter and Walmart Corporation Chairman of the Board Greg Penner discussing “pulling the trigger” to stop President Trump and his movement in the 2020 election.

“Overall objective here is to stop, not only Donald Trump, but to stem the tide of what Donald Trump represents in the political process, for the future of this country,” Biden says. “Which is way more dangerous than I ever thought that it possibly could be.”

“We can pull the trigger on getting something in place on these different ballots…where we wouldn’t even have to have necessarily a specific candidate…” Penner said.

Additional screenshots of text messages and emails show Penner in 2017 asked Hunter to discuss something “that’s best not to be done by text or email.”

In a 2018 email, Penner asked Hunter to “…visit with you about some options I’ve been working on for the 2020 election…”

In another text message thread from March 2019, Hunter appears to assure Penner that he can arrange introductions with his father Joe Biden.

“He is available tomorrow after 4pm EST if you are. He looks forward to speaking and would gladly meet whenever your schedule and his allows. Give me call [sic] so I can fill you in on at least my reasons for not replying to you until now. Best, Hunter” 

Penner and Hunter share a lot in common: they’re both 1992 graduates of Georgetown University.

Additionally, like Hunter, Penner has a history of dealings with the Communist Chinese, having served on the board of Baidu – a Chinese tech company – for 14 years until 2017.

It’s unknown why Hunter decided to record these corrupt and incriminating conversations, but like the other disturbing contents in his laptop, it will never be covered by the corporate media.

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