India Airlifts 110 People Including Afghans Nationals From Kabul
New Delhi:

A special repatriation flight from Kabul with around 110 people including Afghan citizens belonging to the Hindu and Sikh communities arrived on Friday.

The flight chartered by the Government of India is being operated from Kabul.

The flight is repatriating the stranded Indian citizens there and distressed Afghan citizens belonging to the Hindu and Sikh Community along with spouses of Indian citizens, according to a statement by India World Forum.

The three Sri Guru Granth Sahib from historical Gurdwaras in Afghanistan and Hindu religious scriptures including Ramanaya, Mahabharat and Bhagavad Gita from the ancient 5th Century Asamai Mandir, Kabul are also being flown to India.

The India World Forum said that after their arrival, the Afghan nationals will be rehabilitated by Sobti Foundation.

"It is pertinent to mention that the family of Mahram Ali, a local security guard who was killed during the terror attack in Gurdwara Guru Har Rai, Shor Bazar, Kabul is also being facilitated and being airlifted and will be rehabilitated by Sobti Foundation," the statement read.

The Sri Guru Granth Sahib will proceed towards Gurdwara Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Mahavir Nagar and the Hindu religious scriptures will proceed towards Asamai Mandir in Faridabad.

India has evacuated 565 stranded persons from Afghanistan since August when Kabul fell to the Taliban fighters, the Government stated last week in the Lok Sabha.

Answering a question from Congress MP Hibi Eden, Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muraleedharan said officials of the Ministry of External Affairs were in contact with the Indians left behind. The statement, however, did not elaborate if the airlifted individuals also included some Afghans.

source https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/india-airlifts-around-110-people-including-afghans-nationals-from-kabul-2645061

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