Eleven workers at an East Bay hospital in Oakland, California, are being blamed for an outbreak of the Covid-19 omicron variant, despite the staff being fully vaccinated and boosted.

The infected Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center workers make up 11 of 12 Covid cases in Alameda County involving the omicron variant.

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The Alameda County Health Department detected the reportedly “mild” cases earlier this month after being notified by Kaiser of one initial case on Nov. 30.

“Effective, quick work by health care providers and public health case investigators identified five mildly symptomatic COVID-19 cases involving the Omicron variant among Alameda County residents,” states a press release from Alameda County.

“These cases are among 12 local COVID-19 cases, to date, linked to a November 27th wedding in Wisconsin, which one of these individuals attended upon return from international travel,” the report says, adding that “A State lab used genomic sequencing to identify the five infected with the COVID-19 Omicron variant, which is now being detected around the country and the world.”

Moreover, the report goes on to admit many of the infected were fully vaccinated and many had taken booster jabs:

“All 12 individuals were vaccinated, and most had received boosters. They are mildly symptomatic. No one has been hospitalized.”

Kaiser Permanente acknowledged all of the infected employees treat patients daily, and some even interacted with patients before symptoms surfaced.

Speaking with the San Francisco-Chronicle, county health officer Dr. Nicholas Moss acknowledged the “breakthrough cases” are a reminder there’s no certainty the vaccine can protect against variants.

“What it tells us is that people who are vaccinated, including people who have received the booster, can be infected with this variant. It doesn’t tell us anything about how likely that is to happen compared to unvaccinated people,” Moss said.

“It may be that vaccinated people are still less likely to be infected, we just don’t know from just this cluster. That’s one of the questions that remains outstanding.”

A separate article by the Chronicle claimed the wedding in Wisconsin put on and attended by “super responsible people” was able to become a “super-spreader” event because the vaccinated “let their guard down enough to become unwitting vectors of COVID-19.”

Despite the media’s omicron scaremongering, CDC data shows there’s not been one death attributed to the new variant.

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