Analyst Jason Whitlock slammed leftist race baiters at MSNBC, arguing that they are promoting “satanism” by forcing a false reality on the world.

Appearing with Mark Levin, Whitlock targeted Joy Reid and her recent guests for equating practically everything with white nationalism.

“I don’t want to diminish racism, I don’t want to diminish anti-Semitism, those are real issues and real problems,” Whitlock clarified.

He continued, “But what we’re really seeing here from Joy Reid, from Michael Eric Dyson, from Jonathan Capehart, this is satanism.”

“This is satanic,” Whitlock urged, adding “When there is an attack on truth, it’s an attack on God. It’s an attack on Jesus.”

“The truth is what sets us free. The truth is what Jesus, God, faith, are about,” the analyst explained.


As noted multiple times recently, Reid and her guests have relentlessly attacked Winsome Sears, Virginia’s first black Lt. Governor, declaring her to be a “ventriloquist” for white supremacists.

Reid has also suggested that Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin is biased and represents “white privilege on steroids,” and is proof of “why critical race theory exists” and is necessary in America.

The MSNBC host and her guests on a daily basis defend the teaching of CRT in classrooms, while simultaneously claiming it doesn’t exist, and have even lumped in parents who are campaigning against pornography literature in schools with white supremacists.

Reid is the mouthpiece of this false narrative, but academia is rife with CRT enthusiasts who believe that everything is an example of white supremacy, even when conservatives vote for black candidates.

Another MSNBC race baiter, Tiffany Cross, spent the weekend claiming that the trucking industry is made up of ‘racist’ white men.

In a segment on supply chain problems, Cross declared “most of these truck drivers are people of color. And they talked about hearing some of the racism over the CB. This is again, an industry populated by a lot of white men over the age of 55. This group of people overwhelmingly voted for Trump.” 

She continued, “Some people have talked about, you know, aggressive truck drivers, cutting them off or not being helpful. So obviously, the more populated is with people of color, I think you’ll see less of that.”

Cross’ guest, Pamela Day, owner and president of the Crosscountry Truck Driving School, was brought on solely to make the claim that the trucking industry is racist.

“I think just what you’re doing, getting myself as a black female out there and letting people know, I drove for almost eight years. And yes, ran into lots of racism,” she claimed.


MSNBC continues to relentlessly pump out more race bating, more segregationism, more division, more… satanism?


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