Home security footage shows a group of individuals from the Houston, Texas Health Department going door-to-door at an apartment complex to ask residents if they’ve taken an experimental Covid-19 jab.

Masked-up and holding clipboards, the city workers asked citizens if they’ve been vaccinated, which shot they got and how many people in the household are vaccinated.

“Houston Health Department,” a man said in the video as he knocked on the door. “We’re just going around the community informing everyone they can get the vaccine for coronavirus. Have you been vaccinated?”

After the tenant responded, “Yes,” the city employee asked, “Which one did you get?”

“We got Pfizer,” the resident responded before the health department guy asked, “How many people in your house got vaccinated?”

After the interrogation, the workers left some pamphlets at the doorstep of the apartment and continued with their canvassing.

Are the workers categorizing addresses into “vaccinated,” “non-vaccinated,” and “unsure” groups for future vaccine schemes?

Infowarriors may recall Alex Jones warning of door-to-door vaccine brigades after the Biden administration promoted the idea months ago.

While the city employees may be harmless at the moment, Jones said there will eventually be “National brigades coming to forcibly innoculate you and your family.”

source https://www.infowars.com/posts/watch-door-to-door-covid-vaccine-census-caught-on-camera

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