Media outlets in the UK are still describing the Liverpool suicide bomber as a “Christian convert” despite clear evidence that he faked this identity in an effort bolster his asylum claim.

32-year-old Emad Al Swealmeen, a refugee who was born in Iraq, was killed when his homemade bomb detonated in a taxi while he was on his way to carry out the attack.

The intended target was either a Remembrance Sunday parade or a women’s hospital, outside of which the device prematurely exploded.

Immediately after his identity was made public, the media hyped reports that Al Swealmeen was not an Islamic terrorist but in fact a Christian convert.

Outlets like BBC News are still reporting this falsehood today, with a new report about the details behind the attack labeling the terrorist a “Christian convert.”

It’s simply not true.

Emad Al-Swealmeen began planning his attack at least eight months ago.

During this time, when he was constructing the bomb, Al Swealmeen “was seen at his local mosque every day during Ramadan in April.”

According to the Telegraph, the terrorist “attended the mosque “all day every day” during the religious festival and was seen praying with a fellow Muslim a week before the attack.”

Speculation is still raging as to whether Al-Swealmeen intended to target the women’s hospital or a Remembrance Day parade that was taking place at a nearby cathedral.

What kind of “Christian convert” prays at a mosque and then goes on to try to blow himself up outside a Christian cathedral?

Outlets like the BBC are still amplifying the “Christian convert” myth despite it now being widely known that Muslims in huge numbers have been attending 5 week courses at Liverpool Cathedral not because they genuinely want to convert, but because it helps get their asylum claim accepted.

Mohammad Eghtedarian, a genuine convert, told the Telegraph that there were countless people who were “abusing the system.”

“I do understand there are a lot of mixed motives. There are many people abusing the system – I’m not ashamed of saying that,” he acknowledged.

Despite it being painfully obvious that this is precisely what Al-Swealmeen was doing, and that he was never actually a “Christian convert,” it’s apparently lost on the mainstream media, which continue to completely ignore the terrorist’s actual motives and behavior.

It’s almost like they hate Christians and Christianity in general.

Surely not?

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