“Uncle Ted” Nugent’s band continues putting out hit songs as Americans remain hungry for patriotic entertainment pushing back against the establishment mob.

Released last week, “Come And Take It,” is the single for Nugent’s upcoming album Detroit Muscle which comes out on April 29th.

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The tune pays homage to the Second Amendment by warning “kings and tyrants” the American people will fight to their deaths to defend the right to bear arms.

The conservative firebrand and frequent Infowars guest says, “Being the all-time gonzo progenitor of love songs that I am, it is only fitting that I unleash the All-American defiant battle hymn from we the people to punks who dare tread on us. Do you feel the love! Come and take it at your own risk.”

Check out Ted Nugent’s latest appearance on The Alex Jones Show below:

source https://www.infowars.com/posts/epic-ted-nugent-releases-rockin-protest-track-come-and-take-it

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