Upset Texas parents showed up in full force Monday night to give Keller ISD school board members an ultimatum: get the pornographic material out of children’s libraries, or resign.

At issue were LGBT books with explicit and sexually pornographic content, some of which were available to Keller ISD students up until last month.

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“Lead this district, protect our children or get out of the way,” one parent told board members.

The controversy stems from parents’ discovery last month that the high school library was carrying a graphic illustrated book titled, “Gender Queer, A Memoir,” which administrators admitted was a mistake.  

Now parents are calling on the school board to take action and remove dozens of books with similar sexually explicit content.

“Please stop the sexual grooming of our children by these books and illustrations,” another parent stated.

Yet another added, “It’s my job to teach my kids about sex. It’s your job to teach them about reading, writing and arithmetic.”

Watch the full school board meeting:

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source https://www.infowars.com/posts/please-stop-the-sexual-grooming-of-our-children-parents-urge-school-board-to-remove-explicit-books-or-resign

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