Update: The Justice Department has announced it will appeal the mask mandate ruling from a Florida federal judge if the CDC concludes the mandates are “necessary” for public health.

Original story below:

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra claimed that Biden’s administration will “likely” appeal a Florida judge’s decision to throw out mask mandates for public transportation, contradicting earlier remarks by Joe Biden.

“We are right now in the process of deciding, and we likely will appeal that ruling, but stay tuned,” Becerra told reporters.

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This comes just a day after U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled that Biden’s mask mandate for airports, planes and other transportation imposed by the CDC is “unlawful” and therefore voided.

Becerra’s comments mark a significant departure from what Joe Biden said just hours ago when asked by a reporter if passengers should continue wearing masks on planes despite the ruling.

“It’s up to them,” Biden replied before boarding Air Force One for a stint to New Hampshire, where he reportedly wore a mask and required reporters to wear them too.

The mask mandate messaging conflict seems to be due to a misunderstanding by Biden or Becerra.

This may just be another example of how Biden doesn’t actually set any kind of agenda or policy within his own administration.

Such a responsibility appears to be left up to his unelected handlers.

Notably, Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday also refused to rule out the Department of Justice appealing Judge Mizelle’s ruling, saying it would take “a couple of days to review and make an assessment” to appeal the lifting of the nationwide mask mandate.

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source https://www.infowars.com/posts/white-house-divided-hhs-secretary-splits-from-biden-says-admin-will-likely-appeal-mask-mandate-ruling

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