The Montreal Symphony Orchestra has banned a a young Russian prodigy pianist from taking part in its events this week, despite the musician publicly opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Yes, really.

Alexander Malofeev was dropped from multiple performances by the OSM after several Ukrainians demanded he not be allowed to play, a move that will presumably stop Putin’s war machine dead in its tracks.

“The OSM feels that it would be inappropriate to receive Mr Malofeev this week,” the organization told Canadian broadcaster CTV.

Despite condemning the invasion, Malofeev’s thought crime appears to be his plea that Russians and Russian culture not be targeted due to the actions of the country’s current military and government.

“Russian culture and music specifically should not be tarnished by the ongoing tragedy, though it is impossible to stay aside now,” said Malofeev.

“The most important thing now is to stop the blood. All I know is that the spread of hatred will not help in any way, but only cause more suffering,” he added.

Mariya Makivchuk defended the pianist, commenting, “I frankly don’t understand why Montreal Ukrainians have to fight this with OSM while we live every minute in anguish for our families in Ukraine.”

Innumerable Russians have been cancelled since the start of the war, including paralympic athletes, 19th century writer Dostoevsky, Formula One racing driver Nikita Mazepin, and chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Valery Gergiev.

Now it’s not enough to submit to the mob by performing a public act of ideological subservience.

Just like Russian cat breeds, which were banned from international competitions, Malofeev has been cancelled simply for being Russian.


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