In an interview with Sean Hannity Thursday, President Trump urged that America cannot take much more of the Biden administration’s policies, urging that central American countries are being allowed to “empty their prisons into the U.S.”

Trump said that “All they (had) to do was leave (the border) alone. The wall was almost complete… one thing you didn’t see was drugs. Drugs were at their lowest point, in particular Fentanyl, which is a brutal drug. It was stopped, it was at a level we had not seen in a long time.”

“Now it’s coming in at levels that we have never seen: Three, four, five times more than we ever had coming in… There’s something wrong,” Trump added, further declaring “You wouldn’t believe you could even say this, but somebody doesn’t love our country.”

“When they allow this to happen to our country, we have hundreds of thousands of people pouring in every two weeks,” Trump emphasised, adding that Central American countries are “emptying their prisons into the United States.”

“Some of the toughest people on earth are being dumped into the United States because they don’t want them. They don’t want to take care of them for the next 40 years. These people that are the roughest prisoners, anywhere, are being dumped into the United States for us to take care of them,” the former President explained.

“What are they doing? They are destroying our country,” an exasperated Trump asked.

Elsewhere in the interview, Trump commented on the Biden administration targeting parents who do not want their children being subjected to vaccine mandates and the teaching of critical race theory in schools.

“The country can’t take much more of it, they can’t do it,” Trump said, adding “Those school parents — those are parents that love their country and they love their children. And they don’t want all of this nonsense that’s being fed to their children. They just don’t want it. And, you know, they are trying to make them out to be terrorists.”


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source https://summit.news/2022/02/17/video-trump-promises-justice-is-coming-for-hillary-clinton/

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