Prime Minister Justin Trudeau granted his government emergency powers on Monday to crush the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa and across Canada.

By invoking the Canada Emergencies Act for the first time ever, Trudeau gave his government carte blanche to use every available method possible to stop the “terrorist” Freedom Convoy, including calling upon banks to freeze and seize their finances without a court order.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland announced that these new emergency powers will include expanding “Terrorist Financing” rules to target crowdfunding efforts that have been supporting the Freedom Convoy.

“First we are broadening the scope of Canada’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules so they include crowdfunding platforms and the payment service providers they use,” Freeland said during Trudeau’s presser.

“These changes cover all forms of transactions, including digital assets such as cryptocurrencies,” she continued. “The illegal blockades have highlighted the fact that crowdfunding platforms and some of the payment service providers they use are not fully captured under the proceeds of the Crime and Terrorist Financing Act.”

“As of today, a bank or other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order. In doing so, they will be protected against civil liability for actions taken in good faith,” she added.

“Federal government institutions will have a new broad authority to share relevant information with banks and other financial service providers to ensure we can all work together to put a stop to the funding of these illegal blockades. This is about following the money. This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades.”

“We are today serving notice: if your truck is being used in these illegal blockades, your corporate accounts will be frozen. The insurance on your vehicle will be suspended,” she warned.

In other words, the Canadian government now considers donating to a civil rights movement a form of terrorism.

Trudeau’s government has been working tirelessly to shut down the Convoy’s funding and resources since the anti-mandate movement began last month, pressuring GoFundMe to suspend the Convoy’s funds and even seizing fuel.

Since then, alternative crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo has raised over $8 million for the protesters, making it a target of malicious hackers who doxxed the donors of the Freedom Convoy.

Trudeau’s unconstitutional decree was widely criticized on social media, with some calling for additional support for the Freedom Convoy in the face of this unprecedented tyranny.

Trudeau’s authoritarianism likely wouldn’t have gotten this far if Canada had a Second Amendment.

Canada has fallen. Prepare accordingly.

BREAKING: Trudeau Uses Emergency Powers Act For First Time In Canadian History To Stop Freedom Convoy

source https://www.infowars.com/posts/martial-law-trudeau-govt-invokes-terrorism-laws-to-seize-bank-accounts-crypto-of-freedom-convoy-supporters

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