Fox News host Tucker Carlson laid out on Friday how Joe Biden is committing unforgivable offenses against the American people by rapidly eroding their standard of living.

“What we are witnessing under the Biden administration is something Americans will absolutely not forgive: the decline in our standard of living,” Carlson explained on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Biden has made living in this country much more difficult for millions of people. He’s made it a lot harder for Americans to afford basic amenities, things like building supplies and gasoline.”

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“Then he showed almost no interest in fixing those. In fact, it’s clear it is being done on purpose because of global warming,” he added.

Carlson went on to describe how Biden’s unpopular policies of endless money-printing and vaccine mandates are quickly destroying America — by design.

“A lot of things are happening and one of them is inflation. Inflation is not an act of God, it’s a result of government policy,” Carlson said. “The Federal Reserve has devalued the U.S. dollar by printing too many U.S. dollars. Why are they printing them? To pay for more government spending. Spending that under the Biden administration is now literally out of control.”

“These people are reckless, crazy, and dishonest, and the people put up with it,” he continued. “After all that, of course they mandated the injection. They knew that was illegal and just as we saw with the eviction ban, they did it anyway. Then the airlines started canceling flights and health care workers disappeared because politicians know more about coronavirus than nurses? How does that work?”

“Then we ran out of truck drivers to pick up goods from our ports. First responders were then fired. You couldn’t get an ambulance. Then Joe Biden stands up at a town hall and says they had it coming. The little people are getting uppity. We’re going to hurt them – and he definitely hurt them.”

“This is brazen. Most people are very tired of it. It’s not a partisan question. Do you want to live in a functional country, or don’t you? The question is, how are we going to survive three more years of this? It’s a very good question,” Carlson concluded.

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source https://www.infowars.com/posts/tucker-americans-wont-forgive-joe-biden-for-decimating-their-standard-of-living

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