During a Senate hearing Wednesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz interrogated Biden judicial nominee Dale Ho, noting that he has made several scathing verbal attacks on Republicans recently, and in the past admitted that his “hatred” towards conservatives provides a source of “moral clarity”.

Cruz pointed out “I would note, just sitting here, this may be a first in that you have tweeted attacks at multiple members of this committee including Senator Lee, Senator Cotton, Senator Blackburn, Senator Cornyn, and far from being intemperate statements when you were a teenager, most of these tweets occurred last year.”

“So in the last 12 months, you have engaged—or the last about 18 months—you have engaged in partisan attacks on multiple members of this committee,” Cruz asserted.

You can’t look at Ho’s tweets currently, because his Twitter account has been set so that “Only approved followers can see” what he posts now.

Cruz also quoted Ho from November 2017, when he wrote “In these dark times, I’ve been fortunate to find tremendous sense of purpose in my work as a civil rights lawyer. But as a colleague of mine asked me over lunch recently, Dale, do you do this because you want to help people or because you hate conservatives? What he was getting at is that anger can, in fact, be a tremendous source of power.”

Ho, who has been nominated by Biden to serve the Southern District of New York, further wrote at the time “For me, righteous indignation, can provide a sense of moral clarity, and motivate the long hours needed to get the work done. But it’s only a short term burst. It’s not sustaining in the long run.’”

Cruz directly asked Ho “If you wake up and are Judge Ho, and I recognize that New York is a blue state, but imagine there is someone who considers himself or herself a conservative in the state of New York, who, God forbid, finds themselves in a courtroom where you’re wearing a robe. What comfort do you think that litigant would have that you described the hatred of conservatives, the righteous indignation, the anger at conservatives, as a tremendous source of power for you personally?”

“How does that possibly give anyone comfort that you would be a fair and impartial judge?” Cruz added.

After Ho claimed what he said was a “joke” Cruz snapped back “Well, that’s not what you said. What you said is you describe hatred and righteous indignation directed at conservatives, and I would note that that’s a pattern that also continues.”

Ho also claimed that he wants to follow in the footsteps of judges who do not bring their own politics “on the bench.”

“Well, your record suggests precisely the contrary,” Cruz responded.


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