Bizarre footage out of the UK shows British Health Secretary Sajid Javid pressuring a vaccinated reporter to get a third Covid jab.

In the clip shared by Sky News, Javid speaks with chief political correspondent Jon Craig, who notifies the health minister he’s lacking his third booster shot.

“Have you got boosted yet?” Javid asked Craig, who responded he was waiting the recommended six months to get his next shot.

”But under the new rule you’ll be OK. Come back here later this week,” Javid told him, referring to changes in the vaccine booster program he announced last week in response to the Omicron variant that now allow booster shots after three months.

″In fact, they might give it to you now if you walk in,” Javid added, pointing to a nearby vaccination center.

“Yeah, just do it,” the health secretary continued urging Craig, adding, “Can you make me a promise? Make me a promise. Just go do it now.”

After Craig indicated he’d come back later because he was currently on assignment, Javid said he’d “tell the [Sky News] office” as he offered to accompany the reporter to the vaccine station.

“Come on, I’ll walk in with you, come on. Let’s do it. You ready?”

The footage ends with Javid and Craig walking toward a vaccine tent.

The interaction was criticized on social media, with many complaining the health secretary’s pleadings were too pushy, while others claimed it was staged.

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source https://www.infowars.com/posts/watch-british-health-secretary-coaxes-double-jabbed-reporter-into-getting-third-shot

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