Joe Biden couldn’t help but tell a whopper during a speech on supply chains at the White House Monday, where he again repeated false claims that he was at one time a truck driver.

During his remarks urging Americans to join the trucking industry, claimed he used to drive a big rig.

“I used to drive a truck; it’s a long story,” Biden claimed, before adding, “Anyway…”

The tall tale has been told by Biden before and has even been given a false rating by left-leaning fact check site Politifact.

Biden said he used to drive a tractor trailer.

There is no record that he did, and his comments in the past suggest that at most, he was given the chance to drive one at some point. His reference to a summer job suggests that he was referring to his time as a bus driver, not a truck driver.

We rate this claim False.

Biden later told a story claiming he had driven in a big rig known as “Big 10,” and communicated with a woman over the radio named “Big Mama.”

Here’s a transcript of his remarks, via the White House:

The idea — I remember — I’m going to just digress for one second.  I — I got a commercial license because my dad used to run an automobile agency.  And I used to have to go up to the body shop up in Philadelphia from Wilmington.  And when they’d order a trailer or a cab, I’d just — they’d sell the cab.  And so, I had to have a licensed to be able to drive it up and back. 

And so, during the truckers strike years later, when I was a young senator, I was — there was a guy who ran steel from Deemer Steel out to Ohio.  And so, I decided to ride out with him to see what it was like in the strike.  And I was driving, going through Shiloh, Ohio, and — and we — he was — his handle was “Big 10”.  And I remember every — all the trucks stops were being blockaded at the time during the strike.

And he — he called, and he said, “Big 10 wanting to come in.”  I forget exactly how he said it.  And the — and the only woman truck driver I ever knew I met that day. 

She said, “This is Big Mama.  No room.”  (Laughter.)  Swear to God, true story.  (Laughter.)  Swear to God.  He said, “I’ve got a United States senator driving my truck.”  She said, “I got the damn president in mine.  So what?”  (Laughter.)  I’ll never forget that.  I was a very powerful guy.

Anyway — (laughter) — that was the first woman trucker I met. 

But look, the Labor and — Labor and Transportation Departments are working closely with industry to tackle issues facing women in trucking, recruit and retrain more women drivers so we can draw more Americans to work with increased wages, reduced wait times, and improved safety, and so much more.

After the event, Biden appeared confused as to what to do and how to get off the stage.

Watch the full event:

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