Reports by the Western media and governments that Russia perpetrated a so-called massacre in Bucha are “extremely suspicious,” according to retired Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

When asked by “The Dive” host Jackson Hinkle on Tuesday whether he thinks it makes sense for the Russians to butcher a bunch of innocent civilians on their way out of Bucha, MacGregor responded, “No, I don’t.”

“Experience in military affairs suggests if you do that sort of thing, all you do is stiffen resistance against you,” he said. “The bodies don’t disappear. The act persists, it has a bad odor, it doesn’t go away.”

“And it’s hard for me to believe that this was a deliberate act done by the Russian military,” he added.

MacGregor explained that the known facts surrounding the reports don’t conclusively support the West’s narrative that Russia committed a massacre in Bucha.

“I looked at both sides of this, and I couldn’t come away with a certain conclusion one way or the other. There were things that didn’t make a lot of sense,” MacGregor said, citing the white armbands worn by the Bucha victims, which signified neutrality in the conflict or passive support for Russia.

“And all of a sudden large numbers of those people are dead. We do know that Ukrainian forces have killed people like that elsewhere. They’ve assassinated mayors, people have disappeared, and so forth,” he noted.

Another tell that the Bucha massacre is not what it seems came from the Western media and governments when their coordinated coverage of the event suddenly “burst on the scene” followed by military experts parroting its talking points.

“Whenever you have such unanimity in the American and Western media, and you have such brilliant timing such that a piece of news comes out…like that’s happened in Bucha, it comes out and there’s an enormous explosion, it’s almost volcanic, of hate and criticism and stories supporting all of this against the Russians that bursts on the scene almost immediately, all at roughly the same time,” MacGregor observed.

“And all the retired general officers come on and with no exceptions say virtually all the same thing. When that happens, I step back and I’m extremely suspicious and very skeptical because I’ve seen this before,” he added, noting how the media treated the run-up to the Iraq War in 2003.

The apparent timeline of events support MacGregor’s suspicions, where reports of the massacre surfaced just a day after Ukrainian forces moved into Bucha for a “clearing op”, and several days after Russian forces withdrew from the city.

The mayor of Bucha even celebrated the Russian withdrawal shortly before the alleged massacre took place.

Russia has refuted any involvement in the attack, calling it a “staged provocation” committed by Ukrainian forces for Western media consumption.

Even the Pentagon released a statement admitting they couldn’t confirm that the Bucha “atrocity” happened in the first place.

Nevertheless, the media and western governments are using the Bucha story to push for the United Nations to expel Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.

Biden himself even called Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” and called for him to face a “war crimes trial” when asked about Bucha, while MSNBC contributor Ali Velshi said the alleged massacre justifies “direct military intervention” in Ukraine.

Watch full MacGregor interview:

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Russia Claims Bucha “Massacre” Is A False Flag As U.S. Media Calls For “Direct Military Involvement” In Conflict

source https://www.infowars.com/posts/top-army-colonel-hard-to-believe-bucha-massacre-deliberate-act-by-russian-military

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