Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) blasted Disney’s partnership with Communist China, a day after the company’s executive director condemned the state’s proposed Parental Rights in Education legislation, characterized by liberals as the “don’t say gay” bill.

Rebutting comments from Disney CEO Bob Chapek claiming the bill endangers the LGBT community, DeSantis said he wouldn’t be swayed or bullied by woke corporations, and corrected the record to affirm the bill protects K-3 children from being sexually propagandized in public schools.

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“In the state of Florida we are not going to allow them to inject transgenderism into kindergarten,” the governor told a small crowd Thursday to applause.

“First graders shouldn’t have woke gender ideology imposed in their curriculums,” he added.

The Republican Florida governor went on to slam Disney’s hypocritical reputation as a pro-family company, while at the same time turning a blind eye to atrocities committed by its biggest corporate sponsor China.

“Companies that have made a fortune catering to families should understand that parents don’t want this injected into their kid’s kindergarten classroom,” DeSantis stated, adding, “Our policies will be based on the best interest of Florida citizens, not the musing of woke corporations.”

“How do they possibly explain lining their pockets with their relationship from the Communist Party of China? Because that’s what they do, and they make a fortune, and they don’t say a word about the really brutal practices at the hands of the CCP.”

DeSantis’ remarks come in the wake of comments by Chapek, who expressed his disagreement with the bill in a phone call with the governor Wednesday, saying “it could be used to unfairly target gay, lesbian, nonbinary and transgender kids and families.”

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