The UK is preparing to impose another harsh nationwide lockdown in response to the emergence of the mild Omicron variant.

But Sky News put UK Health Minister Gillian Keegan on the spot when she was asked how many Omicron cases and deaths were recorded in the country of 68 million people.

After initially claiming that “774” people had been hospitalized with Omicron, Keegan walked that back to only “10”, noting the first number was total hospitalizations in the entire country over the last week.

“Maybe going up to 11 now, actually,” Keegan, the Minister of State for Care at the Department of Health and Social Care, said on Thursday.

“How many deaths?” Sky News reporter Kay Burley asked.

Keegan responded, “The deaths were 100 and…I don’t have the actual number…”

Burley asked: “From Omicron?”

“Oh, Omicron! Sorry, sorry, Kay. We don’t have…er, we have one death with Omicron, so far,” Keegan admitted, adding that nobody in the nation has been put on a ventilator from the variant.

“You’re getting at the severity of the disease, which is one of the unknowns…” Keegan added.


This comes as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering imposing a nationwide lockdown just days before Christmas in the name of stopping Omicron.

This isn’t about public health.

Watch the full interview:

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