A 56-year-old man who went into cardiac arrest at the care facility he was staying at is dead after paramedics sent to save his life refused to enter the premises out of fear of Covid-19.

When Joseph Angulo began having a heart attack on November 11, staff at Rialto Post Acute Facility Care in Riverside, California called 911 to report the medical emergency.

After the medics told staff at the facility they wouldn’t enter the building, an officer on the scene worked with nurses to push the man’s wheelless bed down a hall and out the door as staff frantically performed CPR.

Inside Edition breaks down the tragic scene in the report below:

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“Please! It’s cardiac arrest,” an employee of the care facility told the officer as he made his way toward the patient’s room.

“They won’t come in,” officer Ralph Ballew said of the medics. “They’re saying it’s state law that they cannot come in,” he added. 

When staff voiced their discontent with the paramedics declining to enter the facility, one of the paramedics claimed state law prohibited it, allegedly telling them “if they didn’t like the rule, they should call [their] congressman.”

After being transported two miles away to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Angulo was soon pronounced dead.

The paramedics involved were placed on leave after the city opened an investigation. 

In a police report, officer Ballew explained, “Despite being in their line of sight, fire personnel still insisted on [the patient] being brought to them outside before they began life-saving efforts and made no effort to assist me in getting [the patient] outside.”

Rialto Mayor Pro Tem Ed Scott told Inside Edition, “I, frankly, was appalled… Our officer, frankly, deserves a medal for going in and getting the patient out.”

Could this man’s death be attributed to Covid-19 fearmongering?

Omicron is not living up to the hype.

source https://www.infowars.com/posts/man-dies-after-paramedics-afraid-of-covid-refuse-to-enter-care-facility

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