Famed trial lawyer Norm Pattis has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Biden and others on behalf of America First host Nick Fuentes, who was placed on the No Fly List.

Fuentes, the host of the nightly show America First, discovered he was placed on the No Fly List in April, preventing him from attending a rally in Florida with Michelle Malkin and Lauren Witzke. “Now it seems I’m being punished by the federal government,” Fuentes said at the time. “I’m being punished and persecuted for merely attending a political protest,” despite him being nowhere near the Capitol building on January 6th.

This week, Pattis, a top trial lawyer described by the media as being “brilliant and audacious,” and a “legal top gun,” filed a civil rights lawsuit against Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and the TSA, among others, on behalf of Fuentes, arguing that his placement on the No Fly List was a systematic violation of his “First, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendment’s rights by the Defendants.”

The alleged civil rights violations raised by Pattis are “a course of conduct that has included declaring [Fuentes] presumptively dangerous based on constitutionally protected free speech and associations and denying them the fundamental constitutional right to travel through secret proceedings at which they have no opportunity to be heard.”

Earlier this week, Rep. Paul Gosar introduced a resolution to combat the political targeting of Americans based on political affiliation via the No Fly List.

In a statement, Gosar expressed that he was “concerned that the No Fly List, which ostensibly is used to identify terrorists, is being used to target political dissidents,” such as Fuentes. He also noted that the “people listed should have a right to an independent tribunal to review the good faith factual basis for the listing,” but that there is currently “no meaningful legal redress.”

Gosar’s “Freedom to Travel Act” would “codify the right to travel, set specific standards on what violations can be used to deny the right to fly, grant harmed persons damages, and reform the law to end the government’s ability to deny Americans due process.”

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source https://www.infowars.com/posts/top-trial-lawyer-files-civil-rights-lawsuit-against-biden-after-america-first-host-placed-on-no-fly-list

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