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An Australian doctor says that he was questioned by police after sending his local MP emails expressing concerns about the Covid-19 vaccines.

The incident took place at the home of Dr Bruce Paix in Adelaide, South Australia. Although police originally said they had come to his house for a firearms check, an officer who was caught on video later admitted that he was there due to emails that Dr Paix had sent to his local MP, Josh Teague of South Australia.

Dr Paix has 32 years of experience and is a former military physician. He has served as a senior doctor in South Australia’s government system, a rescue doctor and also as an anesthesiologist. During his time as a senior military doctor in the Middle East during the MERS outbreak, he managed many health threats.

After educating himself over a long period of time on coronavirus, he concluded that “nothing about the world’s COVID response template makes sense (including in my own state of South Australia) and indeed is likely harmful.”

Dr Paix is particularly concerned about the way that the mainstream media has been censoring reports of adverse reactions caused by the Covid-19 vaccines. He wrote:  “The vaccines, in particular, have numerous valid safety risks, and knowledge of these is being systematically suppressed by governments, professional bodies, and media.”

Additionally, the doctor took issue with the ban on alternative treatments against the virus, such as Ivermectin, which is often denied to patients despite a wealth of evidence showing it can be effective in fighting Covid-19.

“Valuable therapeutic options (Vit D, Ivermectin) are being outlawed in favour of a ‘jab or nothing’ strategy,” he lamented.

Dr Paix said that he contacted the MP’s office multiple times to voice his concerns. However, his requests to meet with Teague were denied, and eventually, he says, the MP’s response was to send the police to threaten him.

The doctor pressed the police officer as to why he was there, pointing out that the firearms check was not random and was instead being done in the context of the letters he had sent his MP. In response, the officer told him that he was not aware that the emails contained any criminal offences and that his aim was just to let the doctor know that the police were aware of the emails.

Dr. Paix is not the only physician who has come under fire in the country because of his opinions on the virus. The clinic of Australian physician Dr. Mark Hobart was raided by health officers just a few days before the incident; they confiscated his appointment book and confidential patient files.

Both of the doctors had been giving patients vaccine and mask exemptions, and Dr. Paix had also been instructing patients on how they can obtain Ivermectin for protection against the virus.

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