General Michael Flynn warned just days ago that the globalists would introduce a new China Virus variant to trigger another worldwide economic collapse.

Flynn, who briefly served as President Trump’s National Security Adviser, was then roundly mocked by the corporate media for his predictions.

For example, The Independent on Thursday smeared Flynn as a “disgraced” Trump official pushing “conspiracy theories” when he recently told Infowars founder Alex Jones that the “global elite” were plotting a new variant to terrorize the public into submitting to more vaccines and lockdowns.

“We got the various variants. There might be another form of a SARS that’s imposed on the international system, right?” he told Jones in a November 13th interview.

Alex Jones lays out how former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael T. Flynn issued a predictive emergency warning to the world on Saturday, Nov. 13th. That warning has now come true.

“Their little plan with Covid didn’t work because too many people, you know, the world of what I call the digital warriors or the citizen journalists that are out there. They are fighting for the truth, and so the truth has been exposed about all the Covid tyranny that we are facing.”

“So I think what we’re going to see is potentially another type of virus that’s imposed on the public,” he added.

Flynn then told Jones that the continuous rollout of new variants is part of the globalists’ “controlled depression” of the West that will eventually result in a “financial collapse.”

“I believe that we are gonna see a couple of things. I think we’re gonna see… and I call it a controlled depression. Some type of financial, you know… just a manipulation or a financial collapse,” he said.

Sure enough, the futures market crashed Thursday night following the WHO’s announcement of the emergence of a new variant called “Omicron.”

The corporate media is also breathlessly hyping up the Omicron variant from South Africa that supposedly easily infects vaccinated individuals with only mild symptoms, but nevertheless, authoritarian governments around the world are salivating at the prospect of imposing another lockdown.

Of course, not only do the emergence of more variants give the globalists carte blanche to decimate economies via lockdowns, but they also provide cover for the ineffective and deadly Covid injections that do nothing to stop transmission of the virus that has a 99% survival rate.

Flynn sharing accurate information with Alex Jones is just another example of why the globalist Democrats want to shut him and Infowars down as soon as possible.

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source https://www.infowars.com/posts/general-flynn-predicted-globalists-would-hype-new-covid-variant-to-trigger-global-futures-crash

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