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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the toxic, experimental covid-19 jab is killing far more children than have died with or of covid-19 – the rebranded flu.

Of course, the bad guys are doing everything they can to protect the reputation of the jabs which they are desperately keen to give to all five to eleven-year-olds. So, there’s a story that climate change causes heart defects and that it’s the non-existent global warming that is causing people to drop down dead in schools and on sports fields.

Suppressing the truth and promoting the lies are all part of the plan. Google, by the way, has belatedly been accused of putting the BBC and the Guardian at the top when searches are made. Those of us who are truth-tellers, questioning the lies and deceits, are left on page 73,654 or expunged completely. Or simply lied about.

Remember Whitty and other chief medical officers in the UK overruled the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation who had said that jabs aren’t worth the risk.

They warned that the risk of myocarditis was up to 17 per million with the first dose and 34 per million with the second dose. That was their figure. The UK Health Security Agency now says the risk is only 9 cases per million. Gosh, what a surprise. Only.

What they don’t tell people is that some studies suggest that 20% of children with myocarditis are dead in two years and 50% are dead in five years. This is not a bit of redness on the arm. I wonder if Devi Sridhar has apologised yet…

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source https://dailyexpose.uk/2021/11/28/50-percent-kids-with-myocarditis-dead-within-5-years/

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