Hundreds of Southwest Airlines employees gathered outside the company’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas on Monday to protest its adherence to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The protesters – comprised of pilots, flight attendants, and other workers – lined up along the road by Dallas Love Field Airport holding signs that said “My Body My Choice,” “No Jabs For Jobs,” “Freedom Not Force,” and “Terminate the Mandate.”

Chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” could also be heard at the protest, referencing an NBC reporter trying to cover up the “Fuck Joe Biden” chants at a recent Nascar event.

Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz said the company “acknowledges” the employee protests outside its headquarters.

“Southwest acknowledges various viewpoints regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, and we have always supported, and will continue to support, our employees’ right to express themselves, with open lines of communication to share issues and concerns,” Mainz said.

One Southwest pilot named John called on CEO Gary Kelly to “stand up for Texas” and let employees make their own health decisions.

“I think it’s fairly well known that our CEO’s trying to mandate the vaccine for all the employees, and this is just all the employee groups represented here today,” he said.

“Anyone that has any department with Southwest is out here just telling our CEO to stand up for Texas, stand up for our freedom of choice.”

“No vaccines should be required,” he continued. “No medical tyranny should be allowed at Southwest Airlines. We’re the ‘love’ airline, the airline of freedom. Our slogan is ‘freedom,’ and yet our executive management is trying to take away our freedoms of choice.”

“Joe Biden needs to start standing up for America and not the foreign nationals that’s supporting him,” he added.

Employees from American and Delta airlines also participated in the protest.

Another protester said through a bullhorn, “If this was about our health they would not be censoring information.”

“There is a reason why they are trying to cover this thing up,” she added.

CEO Gary Kelly said last week that he does not support Biden’s vaccine mandate, but feels compelled to obey it despite the fact it’s not yet law.

Kelly himself also covered up reports that thousands of flight cancellations from the airline were the result of employees refusing to take the vaccine, instead blaming the cancellations on “disruptive weather,” “air traffic control issues,” and “absenteeism.”

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