Actor and self-proclaimed liberal Russell Brand is stimulating the minds of the masses by questioning some of the narratives mainstream media and establishment politicians are pushing amid the Ukraine-Russia war.

On Tuesday, Brand uploaded a video titled, “We’re Not Allowed To Discuss This,” to his popular YouTube channel where he went on to detail how the planet got to the point of this potentially WWIII-starting event.

The presentation provides some historical background regarding NATO’s encroachment on Russia, Washington’s influence on the globalist bureaucracy and more.

By allowing his viewers to hear the arguments from both sides of the complex geopolitical conflict, Brand hopes to help the average person better decide for themselves what’s really going on.

“Ukraine has become an ideological battleground,” he said. “On one hand, Russia wants Ukraine to be available for ongoing alliance, or to have independent political systems, or political systems that are favorable to Russia’s end. And the West wants Ukraine to have political systems that are favorable to its intentions. There is no one, I think, that’s really asking what’s best for Ukraine.”

This video has been watched more than 1.5 million times in three days.

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A second video investigating the Russian-Ukrainian war has nearly 2 million views since being uploaded on Wednesday.

Titled, “I’ve Been Warned Not To Talk About This,” Brand focused on the hypocrisy of America criticizing Russia’s invasion while having illegally entered several countries in the past few decades.

While noting the hypocrisy, the actor assured viewers that “the fact these two things are comparable does not make what Russia’s doing right.”

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On Friday, Brand released yet another video focusing on the Russia-Ukraine war.

The latest report, “There’s More To This,” looks at protests and two-faced statements by several governments around the world.

While many Russians are being arrested for protesting the war in Ukraine, the Canadian government and others are publicly supporting these demonstrations.

However, as Brand points out, the Canadian government doesn’t value the principles they claim to support when it comes to domestic policies.

“In Canada, they’re freezing bank accounts, they’re shutting down GoFundMe pages of truckers,” he said.

Basically, Brand wanted his viewers to know most politicians only “support” protests when it looks good to do so and doesn’t cost them anything.

“But if those protests go against their globalist, corporate agenda, they will shut it down,” he explained.

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Freethinkers like Brand having a large influence on social media is what keeps the global establishment up at night, which is why they are continuing to crack down on internet freedom.

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