Two of America’s top doctors, Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Joseph Mercola, are both warning the Omicron variant could be a manmade bioweapon unique from other naturally occurring SARS-CoV-2 variants.

In an article published Tuesday, Dr. Mercola asks, “Is Omicron Another Lab Creation?”

According to the report, “There’s a curious feature of Omicron that hints at it having been modified in a lab… It doesn’t seem to belong to any of the evolutionary branches that have emerged since.”

According to Dr. Malone, cited in the Dr. Mercola article, Omicron is “in its own separate little evolutionary branch.”

An interesting video posted on Twitter shows the chronological genomic epidemiology of Covid variants and clearly indicates the Omicron variant is different than others.

Every other Covid variant falls in line with the spectrum seen in the graph, while Omicron suddenly appears outside of the suggested scope.

“With omicron, your closest sequences are back from mid-2020 — so over a year ago. This is very rare to see,” computational virologist Trevor Bedford told NPR.

Basically, scientists can tell Omicron evolved from a strain that has been circulating since mid-2020, but since then, there has been no trace of the strain morphing into its current form.

“It doesn’t tie into anything that was circulating more recently. Yet its mutations put it a long way from that 2020 strain,” Bedford said.

“It has the hallmark of a viral agent under tight genetic selection for evolution to escape the ‘vaccine’ responses against the receptor=bonding domain,” Dr. Malone said of Omicron. “The question that is outstanding right now is — because this is so different from the other strains that are being tracked; it’s in its own separate little evolutionary branch — how did this happen? Why did this suddenly pop up with all these new mutations?”

The Omicron variant was first discovered in Botswana, South Africa where four fully “vaccinated” individuals allegedly contracted the virus.

In an early December appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Dr. Malone noted that the media was confused by Africa’s low Covid case rates, especially with the small number of Covid vaccines distributed to African nations.

The next thing you know, “we suddenly had this huge kerfuffle about this new virus strain, and the press was announcing it was coming out of South Africa,” Dr. Malone explained.

Dr. Mercola writes, “The mainstream press is pushing the narrative that Omicron’s mutations are due to the low COVID jab rate in South Africa, possibly in combination with it mutating within someone with AIDS. The solution, we’re told, is to blanket Africa with COVID shots, even though the continent has enjoyed a phenomenally low case rate and mortality rate without the jabs. So, clearly, this narrative is trying to achieve an end that simply isn’t warranted by the real-world data.”

“Aside from shaming South Africa into getting more COVID shots, another potential reason for this narrative is that they want to hide that it’s another lab-created virus,” he continues. “As noted by Malone, we have ‘the looming specter of this being further engineered in some way.'”

Oddly enough, it was less than a month ago that Microsoft founder Bill Gates ominously said, “we’ll do the best we can,” to generate a need for Covid vaccines in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Beginning his interview with Bloomberg’s John Micklethwait on November 18th, Gates touched on the global vaccine rollout, complaining that in some “Sub-Saharan African countries where the epidemic has not been as visible, demand for the vaccine is challenging to generate,” adding, “but we’ll do the best we can on that.”

Five days later, a mysterious new variant appeared in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Now, mainstream media and governments around the world are rushing to vaccinate Africa with vaccines already shown to be less effective against Omicron than previous Covid variants.

Will African nations fall for this elitist trick, or will they realize they’ve been better off without the vaccines this whole time?

Whether Omicron is another lab-created virus or not, the global elite are going to use it to their full advantage as they continue with the anti-human Great Reset agenda.

It seems as if even Omicron may not be enough to scare the world into further submission.

source https://www.infowars.com/posts/top-doctors-ask-if-omicron-is-another-lab-created-virus

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