ESPN faced widespread ridicule on social media over its new promo featuring NASCAR driver and “hate crime” victim Bubba Wallace.

Except that this alleged “hate crime” never happened, according to the FBI.

The fawning promo starts with Cup Series Champion Jimmie Johnson explaining how “appalled” he was to hear about reports of a noose hanging in Wallace’s Talladega garage in 2020.

The video goes on to feature NASCAR president Steve Phelps lauding NASCAR for coming together in solidarity for Wallace as the fake news story about the noose continued gaining steam.

“It was the most incredible non-competitive moment in sports I’d ever seen,” Phelps says with dramatic music in the background.

The promo wraps up with Wallace’s mother and Wallace himself stating he would “never forget” about the people who didn’t speak up in support of him.

It all started in June 2020 when Wallace claimed he was the victim of a hate crime upon discovering a “noose” in his garage.

The FBI quickly determined the so-called “noose” found in Wallace’s garage was actually a garage door pull that had been hanging there since 2019, long before Wallace occupied it.

Notably, NASCAR had also released a statement confirming the FBI’s findings.

But Wallace went on to perpetuate the false racial narrative anyway, declaring, “From the evidence that we have, that I have, it’s a straight up noose.”

Users on social media Tuesday referred to a previous article by ESPN showing the FBI found no evidence of a hate crime against Wallace, and wondered why ESPN was pushing a debunked racial narrative.

It’s also unclear why NASCAR has decided to disregard the FBI and its own statement about Wallace’s fake hate crime story by releasing this divisive Bubba Wallace tribute, but it comes on the heels of actor Jussie Smollett’s conviction for staging a hate crime in 2019 to blame Trump supporters.

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