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For Rosie Nguyen, flirting with her Twitter mutuals is all part of the job. Nguyen, better known by her online persona @JasmineRiceGirl, is the co-founder and CMO of Fanhouse, an OnlyFans-meets-Patreon platform for creators to monetize their followings. She’s also an influencer, which can involve anything from singing to her Twitch subscribers to posting about her bowel movements.

There are less-fun parts, too. As a woman who tweets about being horny and other topics that fall under the general umbrella of “hot girl culture,” Nguyen regularly receives creepy DMs, unsolicited dick pics, and even “hate raids,” which is apparently a thing when a bunch of people swarm your Twitch stream to say vile things about you. The 24-year-old is still figuring it all out. “There used to be a weird tension between my internet persona and my professional life,” she says over a recent Zoom call, “but I’m really starting to embrace those weird overlaps.” Here’s how Nguyen spent her April 20th online (sans weed), in her own words:

8:50 am

I try to wake up around 9 am. I’ll usually straight-up spend an hour on my phone before I move or do anything — I don’t know how people have the energy to get up right after waking up. I scroll through Twitter and see people clowning on the person who complained about the “emotional labor” of parenting children. I didn’t comment on it because it’s not my business, but I hope the kids are okay.

It’s one of those things that you’ll only know if you live on Twitter. My roommates don’t know anything about it, so then I have to give them the full context and what everyone is saying and I’m just like, “This is so interesting that I just have all this information in my brain, every day.”

10:30 am

After my hour of doomscrolling, I use the Headspace app and meditate for 10 minutes. I’m never as consistent with it as I wish I was, but one more meditation is better than none?

11 am

I have a meeting with my marketing team and take my ADHD medication, which I should have taken earlier when I woke up but I forgot. I feel like a lot of content creators tend to have ADHD, because being online is one of those things that really work with it — you have these constant notifications keeping your attention.

11:15 am

I go through my Slack notifications and reply to everything. It always feels like there are a hundred in the morning to get through.

One thing that we do at Fanhouse that’s really important to me is protect creators from harassment and leaks. When I used to be on OnlyFans, it happened a lot. There will be Reddit threads devoted to leaks from people’s accounts with disgusting comments, so we DCMA all of those. Everything on Fanhouse has a unique watermark so we know exactly who leaked it, and then we fine them. I feel like most platforms don’t care about creators unless it’s copyright infringement, but we really do care.

11:50 am

I take a “Fanhouse break,” which is technically work, but it’s not work. I’m the co-founder and CMO, but I’m also on Fanhouse as a creator. I post “sad sad sad sad sad” on my private feed. I’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed and tired and all I want to do is sleep and cry, which is kind of just what you feel sometimes. Fanhouse is the place where I put all of those shout-into-the-void feelings.

A fan comments on my post, writing “hey stinky pup” to make me feel better. I message her back and ask how she is, and then I get curious how she became a fan of mine because she’s been really supportive in the past few weeks. I have a lot of small supporters — the $5 Twitch sub, the $5 Fanhouse sub. This fan in particular has gifted, like, 120 subs in my Twitch channel (cost: about $600).

12:40 pm

My most recent tweet was a more formal, professional one, which means that my next tweet should be a fun one. I try to keep my fun-to-work ratio on Twitter something like 9:1. I’ve had a tweet in my drafts I’ve been meaning to post, so I send it. It says, “this account is a safe space for horny women. You are loved and seen.”

12:55 pm

I get a notification that my friend @akanemsko, a beautiful chess streamer, has replied to my tweet saying “I LOVE YOU JASMINE,” which makes me smile. I reply, “i love you too (i have very dexterous fingers btw).” Often when I interact with my friends on Twitter what we really do is aggressively flirt with each other. Flirting with everyone is maybe my toxic trait but it’s my favorite thing to do and it’s how I show love. I cannot tell you how much life it gives me. To my friend @chrissycostanza I comment, “my room is also a safe space for horny women btw if you would like to come over sometime.”

1:00 pm

My computer crashes and I lose all my tabs so I’m stressed. I’m one of those people who keep tabs open for all the things I need to do and I just hope I’ll get to all of them again. Knowing me, I’ll definitely forget something unless it pops up in front of my face. ADHD life.

1:50 pm

I use my phone when I poop. That’s the only way to poop. It was my third poop of the day, so I post on my Fanhouse asking if that’s normal. Someone responds that it’s impressive. Someone else responds, “women don’t poop, nice try.”

4:00 pm

I read through more Twitter replies. A bot on Twitter informs me that my tweet was a haiku. I count the syllables to myself and confirm they are right. I think, “Wow, I am a poet and a genius.”

A lot of “thank yous” from weird dudes. I do get told gross things on Twitter sometimes. My coping mechanism as a creator is to just block anyone who makes me feel weird in any negative way.

There’s always the component of people wanting sexual things from you. I get unsolicited dick pics all the time because my account is very sex-positive and I love talking about sex. Then men will comment, “I have a boner for you” or will ask me to do sexual things with them, and that is not at all what I’m inviting. I just block and ban them.

5:30 pm

I have to go to an event hosted by one of our investors for founders and other people in tech. I don’t love network-y tech events, and there’s no hour of the day where I go a full 60 minutes without picking up my phone, so at some point I sit down and scroll on my phone — Twitter, Instagram Stories, Fanhouse.

10 pm

Finally done with events and dinner. I make the mistake of looking at my DMs and the latest is a disgustingly horny message, so I block the sender.

I usually stream on Twitch at night after dinner — I’ve been trying to become a partner on Twitch, which is sort of the Twitch version of being verified. I do “Just Chatting” streams where I talk about my day and answer questions. I’ve also been learning how to play piano since the beginning of the year, so sometimes I’ll sing. People can request songs for $3.

I wish Twitch were better at blocking people. You can ban an account, but they can still watch your streams or make new accounts, so the harassment sometimes feels endless. Hate raids are a big thing, too: A ton of people at once will call you slurs, and the only way to get away from it is to end the stream. But tonight, my friend messages me on Discord because they need another player on Valorant, so I do that instead.

12:00 am

I try to have a rule where I get off my PC by 11 pm, but I don’t follow it. I usually scroll my phone while brushing my teeth — I can’t remember a day where I brush my teeth without using my phone. It’s like when you take a dump without your phone and you feel bored and empty.

At midnight I play the new Wordle and then spend another hour on my phone and check more replies to my tweet. It got about 7,000 likes, which is pretty good engagement for my account. These silly tweets are my content, my art, in a sense, so it’s sort of like if I did this painting that I was kind of proud of and my friends being like, “This is a beautiful painting!” Except it’s a horny tweet.

Total screen time: 6 hours, 47 minutes

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