A Canadian military officer who fears he was at the ‘Ground Zero’ of Covid two months before China officially acknowledged the virus has demanded an investigation into the suspicious outbreak of illness there.

The long-serving officer, who cannot be named as he is still in the forces, was among the scores of athletes who fell sick with a debilitating illness after attending the World Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019.

He said foreign competitors found the city of 11 million people ‘like a ghost town’, and so many cases of a mysterious virus afflicted the Canadian team that a quarantine section was set up on their military flight back home.

The officer, who is still suffering from the effects of his illness despite previous high levels of fitness, said a military-appointed doctor later said he almost certainly caught Covid.

His revelations fuel concerns the Chinese government covered up the outbreak – with devastating consequences. The Beijing regime says the first confirmed case was December 8, three weeks before the World Health Organisation was tipped off by sources in Taiwan.

Several European athletes attending the Games, which attracted more than 9,000 competitors from 100 countries, have said they developed Covid-like symptoms in Wuhan. Reports also suggested Iranian participants died soon after returning home.

‘I’m 100 per cent convinced the virus was present in Wuhan when we were there,’ said the Canadian officer. ‘The burden of proof is on the scientific community and intelligence experts to prove – not for athletes.

‘I accept I am not a scientist and it might not be Covid, but why does everyone seem so reluctant to investigate properly?

‘It feels like we were present at Ground Zero of this pandemic that has had such impact on everyone’s life, with millions of deaths and economies shut down, so why not carry out due diligence. Are the facts just too big to handle?’

The claims circulating around the team about the virus being present during the Games were rapidly denied by the top doctor in Canada’s armed forces. Yet one well-connected Canadian source told me their intelligence experts suspect the pandemic might go back to a lab incident in Wuhan, which is home to several research centres studying bat coronaviruses.

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source https://www.infowars.com/posts/canadian-military-officer-calls-for-a-probe-into-a-ground-zero-covid-outbreak-at-wuhan-forces-games-two-months-before-world-was-alerted-to-the-mysterious-new-illness

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